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We want to underline the necessity of a holistic, integrated and ethical approach of that discussion, catering not only to current, but also future responsibilities we have - especially in the areas of tech and its interwovenness and thus, influence on all of us, incl. our environment.

We want to share first-hand insights of how leaders in that area already act today and are grateful to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), specifically to Dr. Marc Roman Franke and Patrick Laske, who contributed their expertise to the book based on their work with the leading experts in the fields of responsible AI.

In sum, the book is our way of providing guidance on how each and every one of us can and should take part in that discussion, which is what the framework we created over the past 1,5 years, is all about! Together, we will share with you actionable measures that can be incorporated into your decision processes when new digital as well as technological products and services are created 🌎

10 Moral Questions - How to design tech & AI responsibly

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  • soft cover

    300 pages

    Swiss binding


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