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9 artists interpreting 
10 moral questions.

Let us introduce you to the artists whose perspectives of all kinds, ranging from dance, to poetry, to photography, sculpture and more, bring to life our 10 moral questions.

Jeff Dagbo is an advisor, artist, entrepreneur and investor. He is passionate about leveraging business, creativity and technology to impact people and communities positively.   

Tom Hegen is a German photographer whose focus is on aerial photography projects documenting the traces we leave on the earth’s surface. He provides an overview of places where we extract, refine and consume resources. Ultimately, he delivers insights into the complex relationship between humans and their environment.

Sven Körber is a photographer and member of the Munich art group foen. His latest exhibition works have explored artificial intelligence, the impact of genetic testing as well as meditative states.

Jeff Dagbo3.jpg
6. Tom_Hegen portrait.jpg
5. Sven Körber portrait.JPG
4. Irina Lerman portrait.jpg

Irina Lerman joined the prestigious Mariinskiy Ballet after graduating from Vaganova Ballet Academy in Saint Petersburg, where she was fortunate enough to dance classical, contemporary, and neoclassical repertoire and toured with Mariinskiy Ballet all around the World including in Japan, China, Europe, America, UAE, and beyond. She also performed at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.


3. Eva Lihotzky portrait.jpeg

Eva Simone Lihotzky

Taking the House Work as a catalyst to jump-start her passion as a creator, this is Eva Simone Lihotzky's debut as an artist. She is inspired by connecting different types of information, artifacts, and media. The question of enabling discovery by using technology fascinated her; as it does not limit possibilities and options for combining pieces that create food for thought.
Complementing her artistic drive, Eva has been working as a strategist in Munich for the past couple of years.

7. Roman Lipski portrait by Hans Georg Gaul.jpeg

Roman Lipski is a Polish born painter who has lived and worked in Berlin since 1989. His celebrated art has been exhibited in museums all over the world – such as the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts in Japan, the National Art Museum of China, and the Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul. His work is part of several art collections including the Marx Collection at Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, the Alex Katz Foundation in New York and the collection of Boston Museum of Fine Arts. In his present project Unfinished, Roman Lipski develops, in collaboration with YQP & Birds on Mars, the first digital muse for artists.

1. Teddy Lo portrait.jpg

Teddy Lo was born and raised in Hong Kong. While spending time in Taiwan's urban and rural areas, he was captivated by his perceived differences of basic human needs in technology. Lo has exhibited in prestigious locations around the world, including Luminale in Frankfurt, Museum of Art and Design in NYC, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Arts, Art Centre BUDA Kortrijk in Belgium, Esplanade in Singapore, among others. He has also been commissioned to create artwork for the tallest building in China - The Shanghai Tower and the digital media infrastructure designs for the new World Trade Center in NYC.

8. Hayley Sawyer portrait.JPG

Hayley is a photographer currently based out of the South in the United States. Her background in psychology and advertising informs much of her photography, mainly focusing on documentary and travel work.

9. Zhé Wang portrait.jpeg

Zhé Wang completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Chongqing, China in 2011. From 2013-1018, she pursued her Master's at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen with Prof. Rosa Barba and was awarded the “Karin Hollweg Preis” in 2018, one of Germany’s most important and highest endowed awards.

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