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The Book.

In the spring of 2021, five people who were unknown to each other, grounded from the global pandemic, based in five different cities in three countries on two continents, answered a call by the House of Beautiful Business to take on a thought project to create a moral framework for technology creators and has now become a book!

10 Moral Questions 
How to Design Tech & AI Responsibly

As tech users and citizens, this book is our attempt to bring a common-sense view of morality, grounded in life’s messy and multifaceted multitude of contradictions.


Like you, we have many questions and few answers.


But moral questions, by default, require a conversation.
The world is constantly changing, and we must engage with diverse experiences, worldviews, and seemingly conflicting values in order to make decisions and act without certainty of outcomes or even a complete picture of the situation. Respectful questioning and peaceful, collaborative dialogue about how we can negotiate values and moral questions in the business environment as well as in our daily lives are imperative. This is the only way for all of us – as families, communities, colleagues, companies, countries, and as a species – to collectively agree on some sensible answers and turn those into operating principles. 


This is QCollective’s “why”: to spark deep conversations that matter.

We sincerely hope that this book will inspire you to do so!!

First print errata.

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