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The 10 Moral Questions All Tech Creators Should Ask (and Answer) Before Creating New Technology.

What if we answered the following questions before creating new technology?

Q1 Teddy Lo Bewildered-Univer-PIA03606-A.jpg


How is my technology beneficial for the world at large?

One word: One world

Bewildered Universe PIA0360-A by Teddy Lo in collaboration with Michael Spranger

LED, ink, paint, light sequential controller, rj45 cable and electrical wires, power supply, Entrada rag paper, wood and glass.

Original print size is 611mm x 488mm. Integrated framed piece 837mm x 714mm x 105mm


To what extent is my awareness of our interconnectedness built into this technology so as not to cause anyone or anything suffering? 

One word: Interdependency 

Wisdom Poem by Jeff Dagbo



How does my creation nurture the freedom of discovery? 

One word: Curiosity

Discovery of Realities by Eva Simone Lihotzky

Multimedia installation


Am I (or is someone) able to shut it off? 

One word: Continuity

Addiction by Irina Lerman



What is the worst that can happen if my technology is operated with an evil purpose?

One word: (Ab)Use or foolproof

APOE/FOXO3 by Sven Körber


40cm x 60cm


What will our grandchildren think about the impact of this creation on such things as planetary boundaries, the universe and the dignity of the earth's inhabitants? 

One word: Transgenerational

Copper Mine by Tom Hegen


240cm x 180cm

Q6 Tom_Hegen_Copper_Mine-LR_social-Media.jpg
Q8 Hayley Sawyer Daylily A1 594mm x 841mm.jpg


Do I truly understand how my technology works and am I willing to invest in making that transparent to educate all stakeholders? 

One word: Transparency

Daylily by Hayley Sawyer


59.4cm x 84.1cm


How does my tech creation encourage people to interact with integrity? 

One word: Integrity

Unfinished (2020) by Roman Lipski

Acrylic on canvas

150cm x 200cm

Q7 Roman Lipski Unfinished.jpeg
Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 11.51.49.png


Have I designed my creation to avoid further inequity, and fragmentation of needs or desires?

One word: Inclusiveness

Watch Me by Zhé Wang

3-Channel video installation


Are ethics and sustainability an integral part of my creation?

One word: Ethics & sustainability

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall -- What is Moral For Us All? 

by Q Collective

Found mirror

Q10 Q Collective
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