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5 Values to follow.


Moral values ground us. Each of our questions is underpinned by a core moral value.
We invite you to consider with us the 5 values we uncovered during our project work.
Ponder these. Do you agree?

The 5


Care & Compassion.

Leading with care and compassion when creating new technology means that every time we build a new technology we create it as if it is an extension of us -- of our humanity. A humanity that is underpinned by our unique ability as human beings to love one another. To care for others and other things and to stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.


Holistic Thinking.

Leading with a value for holistic thinking means an appreciation for direct and indirect stakeholders of the technology, and awareness of the public good. As a value activated, this can mean conducting a holistic risk assessment before products or services are brought to market, involving direct and indirect stakeholders such as the climate, the flora, fauna, other human beings, the societal impact.



Leading with a value for balance means that technology both enables equality and promotes planetary and human sustainability. 



Leading with discovery when creating new technology means that technology enables human beings to continue to experience the joy of learning and discovering new possibilities. It means that as we add ease of choice into our life we don’t unwittingly weed out opportunities to revel in mystery and serendipity, the very experience of what it means to be human, the essence of life.


Transparency & Integrity.

Leading with a value for transparency and integrity means that users have the information they need to make a moral assessment for themselves about their use of the technology. It means that the technology is created in a way that serves the dignity of human beings and justice for all.

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