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Our book has launched!

We're thrilled to have officially launched our book on 17 January 2024 in Davos during the World Economic Forum

(and ANSWER)


Our purpose.

We realize that technology only benefits humans when its creators imagine and build it in a responsible way which serves a moral purpose, inspiring us to care for, respect and honor planetary boundaries and our planet's needs, the universe, the dignity of all of its inhabitants and future generations.


10 questions
to ask.

Technology infiltrates nearly every aspect of our lives.It swims in our veins, reads our minds, and drives our cars.

Some of our realities aren't even our own -- or are they? 

The truth is that even if its purpose is to better our lives, the application of technology can sometimes have unintended consequences. It can make our life worse. So, how do we create technology that betters our lives?

Perhaps we owe it to ourselves to simply include checks and balances. We agree that when we are our best selves, as a part of our creative process we ask and answer questions first. 


Questions that will helps us to dig a little deeper.

Questions that call to mind a morality that requires us to build consciously, with aims underscored by principles and a moral purpose. 

Questions that cause us to pause and require us to check our answers against a core set of values that we can agree will bind our outcomes to moral ground.

To this end, let's explore values that will help us, our leaders, and especially technology creators to ground our creations, ethically.

The questions are intended to provoke thinking that will inform future development and better our technology creations. We then invited artists to engage with each question and to inspire us.

Explore and ponder the Principles, Values, and Questions we prose to inform the moral compass of Tech leaders on their journey to create technologies that will better our lives.

- Q Collective.


5 values
to consider.

Moral values ground us. Each of our questions is underpinned by a core moral value. We invite you to consider with us the 5 values we uncovered during our project work. Ponder these. Do you agree?

10 artists'

Edward Hopper, the artist, is attributed with saying:
"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."

So we agreed to invite 10 artists to help us express the sentiments in our questions. We're grateful for their artistic visions to express what might not otherwise be said just perfectly, with our words.


1 group behind it all:
Q Collective.

We started this initiative during our House Work project for the House of Beautiful Business. During one of these sessions, we linked arms and agreed to partner together to build a moral framework for tech creators which resulted in these 10 Questions All Tech Creators Should Ask (and Answer) before creating new technologies.

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